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Fig Tokyo, Japan 

Cobra, Stephan Backes, Robin Von Einsiedel, Mathis Gasser 

Motoko Ishibashi, E‘wao Kagoshima, Sven Loven, Dan Venn 


following images: Installation view, "Untitled to Participate", Westminster Waste London
following images: Installation view, "Video Performance", Yvonne Lambert, Berlin
Purpose of Translucency 
ongoing Gesamtwerk, 2014 - ∞
Purpose Of Translucency (Introduction File)
08:30, FullHD (1080p), sound
Simplicity Connectivity Now
Moving Image, 4min, 2014
Simplicity Connectivity Now
4min, Full HD (1080p), stereo,
Slick/Slippery & Interlocking/Impact
Two Channel Video-Installation 2014